Electric air pump 20psi

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Inflatable paddle board accessories pump electric sup air pump 20psi

Stermay SUP Board DC and Rechargeable Two-Way Electric Air Pump

Setting Information
DC 12V
16 PSI
350(A) L/min,70(B)L/min
110 W(A) / 100W(B)
less than 85 dB
product size
25.2*17.4*13.3 cm
master carton
54.5*39*35 cm
DC charger,a flexible hose

Built in two air pump,one is pump A for low-pressure,the other is pump B for high-pressure.


Charging Way :

* Simply plug into any standand vehicle cigarette lighter for outdoor charging.

* Nozzle to insert into the vale of inflatable products.

* Plug the AC charger into the household socket forindoor charging.

* LED lights to show.

* LCD and touch button.

19 reviews for Electric air pump 20psi

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